\ Audit Process

Self-Managed Super Fund Audit Process

Self-managed super fund audit process can be tailored to suit the workflow of your practice

Request Audit Letters

Fill in the form to request Audit Engagement and Trustee Representation Letters. The letters will be sent to your email.

Prepare Audit Files

Our audit is both a financial audit and a compliance audit. Refer to our Audit Checklist to see what documents are required.

Send Us Files

You can email or post your files, or share your DropBox folder with us. Alternatively you can upload files on our website.

Step 1: Request Audit Letters

Enter basic details of the fund, and we'll send you the Audit Engagement Letter and the Trustee Representation Letter for your clients' signatures.

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Corporate Trustee

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The Fund Has LRBA
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Step 2: Prepare SMSF Audit Files

After receiving audit letters from us, you will send them together with the fund’s financial report for clients’ signatures. In the meantime, you can gather all the required audit files using our audit checklist.

Download audit checklist here.

Step 3: Send Audit Files to Us

You may send your audit files to us via post, email the documents to info@mrhaudit.com.au, share your dropbox folders with us or upload your files on our website. If you are based in Sydney, we can visit your office to carry out the audit work.